What can we expect rest of the season from Colorado Rockies Ian Desmond?

We all know both Ian Desmond and the Colorado Rockies have started the season slow. Desmond is perhaps a player who has been released in your fantasy league, and if so, what can we expect the rest of the season? You do not have to hit a home run with every free agent pick, but you want to constantly improve your team. Even small improvement will in the end have a big impact.

In 2017 Ian Desmond signed a big contract with the Colorado Rockies, and he has not lived up to those numbers. The now 33-year-old veteran is however a player which will give you some pop and stolen bases. He is therefore a more interesting fantasy player, compared to real life. In 2018 Desmond played 160 games for the Rockies and collected, 82 runs, 22 HR, 88 RBI and 20 SB. Maybe we only want the same production to be more than happy?

At the moment Colorado Rockies are last in NL West, with a 6-12 record. They have only played 5 games at home, which important to point out. All Rockies players will get a boost by playing more home games in Denver.

We can start to see Ian Desmond fantasy stats numbers.

  • 1 run
  • 1 HR
  • 8 RBI
  • 0 SB
  • .164 AVG
  • .203 OBP

Those are the numbers used in the majority of fantasy baseball leagues, and as we all know they do not tell us that much about the performance of the player. He might be hitting a lot better? We know look at the more advanced stats.

  • .220 BABIP (.321 career)
  • 3 % Hard% (29.6 % career, 34.1 % in 2018)
  • 1 % HR/FB (14.6 % career)
  • 8 % LD% (18.0 % career)
  • 0 % GB% (52.4 % career)
  • 1 % FB% (29.6 % career)
  • 9 % Barrel% (7.0 % 2018)
  • 8 exit velocity (89.9 2018)

First of all, the sample size is too small to make good projections about the future, but the reality Ian Desmond is maybe on your waiver wire. You need to take a decision now if he is someone you should add to your team, you do not have the time to wait for more reliable sample size.

Ian Desmond has several factors in his favor for a bounce back the rest of the season. The fantasy stats do not look great, but the more advanced stats tell us somewhat a different story. Desmond only has a BABIP of .220 and we can expect some more luck on batted balls. His hard-hit rate, is actually about the same as in 2018. He has hit a little more line drives and flyballs compared to earlier. It will probably also add to more fantasy production. His exit velocity is somewhat down, but his barrel% is a bit higher. Overall the stats tell us we can expect Desmond to be better, compared to his current stat line. He is definitely worth to pick up for free if you have the chance. It of course depends on your league format, but you all knew that before. We can probably expect numbers close to the 2018 season. We do not have to hit a home run with every free agent pick, but small improvements are also improvement.

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