Closer Depth Chart has been updated

I hope you all know we have a Closer Depth Chart on Fantasy Blockbuster with all the latest information about closers around the MLB. Here you can read who is the current closer for each team, and who is next man up, but also a wild card. To make it even better we also include job security from + to +++ and complete tiers from 1 to 5.

The closer situation is always fluent and it is important to keep up with the latest moves to pick up the right players in fantasy at the right time. The right timing in these kind of moves can make you a league winner at the end of the season.

Here you have our Closer Depth Chart

We would also like to inform you we have a Twitter Account, that is dedicated only to closers. If you would get the latest information, results and updates this is the Account to follow.

Here you have our Twitter Account: Closer Update

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