Fantasy Blockbuster Dynasty – First-Year-Player-Draft

It is time for year two in Fantasy Blockbuster Dynasty League. A league where we have 12 fantasy baseball writers battling for glory. Once again congratulations to Jordan who won year one, well done. We have a MLB roster of 38 players and a MiLB roster of 55 players. It is now time for our first-year-player-draft, where we can draft players who were drafted in 2020 and international signing players 2020-21. It is for 8 rounds and you can follow the draft here on this page.

Members are allowed to trade draft picks, they just need to send a message to the commissioner. After the draft members will have to clear roster space to fit in the 8 new MiLB players.

Round 11Cory AustinSpencer Torkelson – 1BTigers
2SancheezeAustin Martin – 3B/SSBlue Jays
3Michael RichardsNick Gonzales – 2BPirates
4TrentMax Meyer – SPMarlins
5Jason GoldZac Veen – OFRockies
6Fantasy BlockbusterGarrett Mitchell – OFBrewers
7DadsoxHa-Seong Kim – SSPadres
8FantasyDugOutEmerson Hancock – SPMariners
9GatorAsa Lacy – SPRoyals
10Tony BPSMick Abel – SPPhillies
11Fantasy Blockbuster (a)Wilman Diaz – SSInt
12JordanRobert Hassell – OFPadres
Round 213Cory AustinAustin Wells – OF/1B/CYankees
14SancheezeCarlos Colmenarez – SSInt
15Michael RichardsCristian Hernandez – SS/3B/OFInt
16TrentAustin Hendrick – OFReds
17Jason GoldHeston Kjerstad – OFOrioles
18Stoffer (a)Yoelqui Cespedes – OFInt
19DadsoxEd Howard – SSCubs
20FantasyDugOutPedro Leon – OFInt
21GatorPete Crow-Armstrong – OFMets
22Tony BPSAaron Sabato – 1BTwins
23StofferReid Detmers – SPAngels
24JordanGarrett Crochet – PWhite Sox
Round 325Cory AustinTyler Soderstrom – CAthletics
26SancheezeCade Cavalli – SPNationals
27Michael Richards Isaiah Greene – OFIndians
28TrentNick Bitsko – SPRays
29Jason GoldBryce Jarvis – SPDiamondbacks
30Fantasy BlockbusterPedro Pineda – OFInt.
31DadsoxTanner Burns – SPIndians
32FantasyDugOutJared Kelly – SPWhite Sox
33GatorBobby Miller – SPDodgers
34Tony BPSCasey Martin – SSPhillies
35StofferCarson Tucker – SSIndians
36JordanCole Wilcox – SPPadres
Round 437Cory AustinJordan Walker – 3BCardinals
38SancheezeBlaze Jordan – 1B/3BRed Sox
39Michael RichardsSlade Cecconi – SPDiamondbacks
40TrentZach DeLoach – OFMariners
41Jason GoldLandon Knack – SPDodgers
42Stoffer (a)Jordan Nwogu – OFCubs
43DadsoxFreddy Zamora – SSBrewers
44FantasyDugOutJared Jones – SPPirates
45Gator Dillon Dingler – CTigers
46Tony BPSBaron Radcliff – OFPhillies
47StofferJared Shuster _ SPBraves
48JordanNick Yorke – 2BRed Sox
Round 549Cory AustinPatrick Bailey – CGiants
50SancheezeMasyn Winn – P/SSCardinals
51Michael RichardsJake Vogel – OFDodgers
52TrentGage Workman – 3BTigers
53Jason GoldAmbioris Tavarez – SSInt.
54Fantasy BlockbusterDaxton Fulton – SPMarlins
55DadsoxJustin Foscue – 2BRangers
56FantasyDugOutOwen Caissie – OFPadres
57GatorPetey Halpin – OFIndians
58Tony BPSA.J. Vukovich – 3BDiamondbacks
59StofferYiddi Cappe – SSInt
60JordanArmando Cruz – SSInt
Round 661Cory AustinClayton Beeter – SPDodgers
62SancheezeVictor Acosta – SSPadres
63Michael RichardsManuel Beltre – SSInt.
64TrentJ.T. Ginn – SPMets
65Jason GoldHayden Cantrelle – SSBrewers
66Fantasy BlockbusterCJ Van Eyk – SPBlue Jays
67Dadsox Hudson Haskin – OFOrioles
68FantasyDugOutJhonny Piron – OFInt.
69GatorMaikol Hernandez – SSInt.
70Tony BPSAlec Burleson – 1BCardinals
71StofferDavid Calabrese – OFAngels
72JordanCristian Santana – SSInt.
Round 773Cory AustinTrevor Hauver – 2B/OFYankees
74SancheezeJesse Franklin – OFBraves
75Michael RichardsDaniel Vazquez – SSInt
76TrentAlerick Soularie – OFTwins
77Jason GoldTyler Brown – DHAstros
78Fantasy BlockbusterCoby Mayo – 3BOrioles
79DadsoxKyle Nicholas – DHMarlins
80FantasyDugOutAlex Santos – SPAstros
81GatorDanny Cabrera – OFTigers
82Tony BPSIan Seymour – SPRays
83StofferKohei Arihara – SPInt.
84JordanTyler Gentry – OFRoyals
Round 885Cory AustinTyler Keenan – 3BMariners
86SancheezeKala’i Rosario – OFTwins
87Michael RichardsColt Keith – 3B/SPTigers
88TrentMiguel Bleis – OFInt.
89Jason GoldLogan Allen – SPIndians
90Fantasy BlockbusterJordan Westburg – SSOrioles
91DadsoxNorge Vera – SPInt
92FantasyDugOutShalin Polanco – OFInt.
93GatorStarlin Aguilar – SSInt.
94Tony BPSDyan Jorge – SSInt.
95StofferNick Loftin – SSRoyals
96JordanDanny De Andrade – SSInt.

(a) Fantasy Blockbuster trades pick 18 and 42 overall to Stoffer for the 11th pick overall.

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