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If you play fantasy baseball you are probably familiar with the tactics to stream daily starting pitchers. In most leagues you will find decent, and sometimes great options on in the free agent pool or the waiver wire. SP Streamer and Michael Simione will help you pick out the best options to make your fantasy team a winner. We have done an interview with one of the best in the business in this aspect.

When did you start the SP streamer project?

I started it back in December of 2018. I started it off as just a twitter account then it grew into a blog and then website!

What is your defenition of a streamer?

A pitcher who isn’t owned by a lot of teams. The roster threshold I have it at is 30% rostered. I want streamer picks to be on most of the waiver wires in players leagues.

What formula do you use when you make your picks?

There isn’t an exact formula because there are so many moving parts throughout the season and it depends on other options as well. I mainly look at the pitcher’s recent performances. I check their velocity and K-BB% more than anything. Then I move onto the opponent and check their wRC+ and SwStr% in the last seven days, as well as their wRC+ versus a LHP and RHP.

Do you take win probability considerations, when you make your picks?

I do not unless it is for my own leagues. The reason being, a lot of people are in quality start leagues.

What advanced stat for SPs is undervalued?

K-BB% is huge and known to be one of the most reliable stats for pitchers. Especially in season.

What advanced stat for SPs is overvalued?

I think xFIP because it takes a pitcher home run rate and brings it to league average. But if a pitcher is home run prone his rate won’t drop so it seems a little silly.

How long will wins for SP be a stat we talk about?

I don’t think it will ever change in the league but I am sure in a few years a lot more fantasy leagues will be looking at QS.

How long will the traditional closer still be a thing?

Well we see it dwindling already. There will always be a few guys who are definite closers but it will dwindle down every year.

What do you think about openers and their fantasy value?

There is no value there. They don’t go long enough to make a difference.

Where can we find you besides on Twitter?

SPStreamer.com or our podcast SP Streamer.

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