Fantasy Blockbuster will start a dynasty league with fantasy writers

Do you miss fantasy baseball? Do you love dynasty leagues? Well, then you will love our latest feature here on Fantasy Blockbuster. We have started a deep dynasty league with different fantasy baseball writers. In this league we will draft 83 rounds, 28 MLBers and 55 minor leaguers, and the good thing we have already started.

Throughout the boring winter months, you will be able to follow the draft. We have 55 spots for minor leaguers, in other words you will learn a lot about prospect rankings if you follow the league. If you wonder what you should do in your dynasty league later next year, this is the league to watch. We will provide analysis, information and grades throughout the draft.

Fantasy Blockbuster have two writers in the league, but we have also included different fantasy baseball writers from different sites. It will give you a better overview when you make your own draft decisions. Even if we are still months away from opening day, now is the time to start preparing.

The league rules are simple H2H categories, each week, (Runs, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, K, W, ERA, WHIP and Saves). These settings are commonly used, which makes it easier for you to compare the results to your own league.

Much of the live draft analysis will be done on Twitter, where we use the #BlockbusterDynasty

The 12 different teams all have Twitter accounts and I recommend you give them a follow if you love fantasy baseball.

The offseason is the time to prepare for your drafts and this will be a great opportunity for you all to get some input and advice for the upcoming season. And remember we will also draft over 600 minor leaguers, which makes it an excellent opportunity for of you who play in dynasty leagues.

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