New Top 30 Prospects Rankings for every team

Fantasy Blockbuster is dedicated to give you the best prospect content and now we will start our Top 30 Prospects for each team. This will be a great source for all of you dynasty players who always try to add prospects for future success. If you want to rebuild these rankings will be very helpful.

This summer Fantasy Blockbuster will give you even better prospect content. We have our popular Top 100 prospects rankings, and of course top 50 prospects from the 2020 MLB Draft. But now we will give you even more from the depth charts. During the upcoming weeks we will publish a Top 30 Prospects Rankings for every MLB team, and now we already have published Arizona Diamondbacks system.

The 2020 MLB season has been crazy and with a regular season with only 60 games, many dynasty teams will realize early they will miss the playoffs and will force them to rebuild. When you rebuild your roster, you should always look at your prospect depth. There are no guarantees for future success, that is why you need multiple players at every position. Some of them will turn out to be great and will give you a better roster and maybe will win you a championship.

Our first team is Arizona Diamondbacks, which have several interesting prospect at the top of their depth chart. Kristian Robinson is a borderline top 10 prospect in all of baseball. He needs more time in the minors, and the cancellation of the 2020 MiLB season is not good but he will be a force when he makes his MLB debut. He projects to have great raw power, and above average speed. The kind of fantasy player every team wants. In 2019 he reached (A) and got 5 HR, .729 OPS and added 3 SB in 102 PA.

The top ranked pitcher for the Diamondbacks is Bryce Jarvis, who was selected as #18 overall in the 2020 MLB draft. Last year he was drafted by the New York Yankees #37 overall, but didn’t sign with the team. He has a mid-90’s fastball and three other pitches which is close to project as MLB average. He still needs time in the minors, but projects to be a mid-rotation starting pitcher for the Diamondbacks.

Go check out the entire top 30 for Arizona Diamondbacks.

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